Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green Tea Mattress

An important element of a good night’s relaxation and sleep session is a comfortable and high-quality mattress. It is important for one to consider the basic properties of a good mattress before making an informed purchase decision. It is imperative that one should not compromise on the comfort levels and durability of the mattress in order for one to get great value on the money they spend.

The Zinus memory foam mattress with green tea extract infusion is an example of a relatively inexpensive mattress that offers comfort levels that are second to none. It is a high-quality product that is highly rated and worth every penny

Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green Tea Mattress

Layered Memory Foam Design

The Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch mattress has three distinct memory foam layers which include a 2-inch thick layer, a 2-inch thick pressure relieving comfort layer and they are supported by a high density 4-inch thick airflow base layer that ensures that the mattress is stable and long lasting.

Green Tea Extract Infusion

Natural green tea extracts possess valuable antioxidants properties. The memory foam layers are infused with these extracts and this ensures that the Zinus mattress is free from unpleasant odors and smells associated with inferior memory foam mattresses and stays fresh.

Limited Warranty

The Zinus green tea 8-inch mattress has a limited warranty of 10 years. This practically ensures that the mattress is free of any defects and will not experience unwanted effects like sagging for the duration of the limited warranty. It also displays the confidence the manufacturer has on the product and high quality of the mattress.

Smart Packaging and Efficient Delivery

The Zinus mattress has been efficiently packed using Zinus proprietary compression technology whereby the mattress is conveniently rolled and compressed to allow for hassle free shipping and delivery. The Zinus mattress is delivered using the reputable and efficient FedEx or UPS delivery companies.

Product Specification and Dimensions

The Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch mattress has a weight of 47 pound. It has overall dimensions of 80 X 60 X 8 inches (L X W X H)

Safety and Compliance

The mattress has been tried and tested rigorously and has been accorded a CentiPUR-US certification. This means that the foam material used in its manufacture is free of harmful chemicals and agents such as PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals such as mercury, lead or arsenic or phthalates. It has a relatively low VOC rating and this means it does not affect the quality of the indoor air.


The memory foam material is able to conform to the user’s body curves and contours as it softens in response to their body heat. This can be attributed to the polyurethane material on which the memory foam is based.

The mattress is composed of a 2-inch thick memory foam layer and a pressure relieving comfort foam layer that is 2 inches thick. In order to ensure that the Zinus mattress is durable and has a solid and stable support base, it has 4 inches thick high-density airflow base support foam. The airflow layer allows adequate aeration of the mattress structure thus eliminating heat pockets that cause restless nights marked by tossing and turning. The memory foam layers have been infused with natural green tea extracts, a safe antioxidant that ensures that the mattress is free of unwanted odors and consequently remains fresh. The foam layers are infused with natural green tea extracts that possess antioxidant properties which ensure that the Zinus mattress stays fresh and free of unpleasant odors.


  • Super comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Convenient and practical patented packaging design.
  • Elimination of inconveniencing motion disturbances.
  • Cost effective price tag.


  • Fabric cover develops holes.
  • Minimal unpleasant odor.
  • Relatively stiff.

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