Vera Wang Mattress Review

Vera Wang Mattress Review

Talking about sleep, we think about bed and a mattress.

Make a quality rest every night is depend on a mattress too. If the mattress is not comfortable to use, you can’t sleep well every night. So the mattress can affect your health too. There are many popular mattresses you can choose to make your sleep well. One of the popular mattresses is Vera Wang mattress by Serta.

Serta is  America’s le ader in quality mattress and bedding with an extensive collection for every  type of  customer. Serta is one of the world’s most reputable mattress company and Vera Wang is a well known fashion designer. Serta Vera Wang mattress offer a high level of support and comfort and a high level of craftsmanship.

The world’s most influential and preeminent wedding dress designer, Vera Wang, has created a lifestyle brand that is the epitome of quality and modern elegance. The Vera Wang fashion empire extends from bridal, evening and ready-to-wear lines, to fragrance, fine jewelry, eyewear, footwear and home decor.

The Vera Wang mattress by Serta offers the best in comfort because of its memory foam but also offers timeless style and fine craftsmanship, since it was designed in collaboration with Vera Wang. There are various Vera Wang mattress to choose from. The Vera Wang Serenity collection of mattresses also offer aloe vera enhanced fabric. Aloe vera is hydrating and has a positive effect on energy levels.

 Vera Wang mattress

series includes the use of incredibly soft Sensura fabric. It is not only soft and cool to touch, but it is also very resilient. Therefore, the feel of luxury is retained through out the lifetime of this mattress. To create unprecedented levels of comfort, Vera Wang Mattress coupled with the new Sheer Veil overlay.

The construction of Vera Wang Mattress is from a blend materials and technologies. At first, you will get Serta’s custom Foam, Memory Foam, and natural latex foam that all of them work to perfect shape and conform to your body.

It means that your weight is distributed to the foam technology, no pressure spot that can make you to keep changing the position of your sleep in the night.

Seventy five year old Serta says the collaboration will feature a combination of high style and comfort. Look for Wang’s signature triple heart logo plus a high end designer mattress set that will be part of Serta’s continuing partnership with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and their ‘Counting Sheep for the Cure’ campaign.

If you are planning to walk down the aisle soon, note that brides may want to check out a signature mattress by Wang based on one of her gorgeous wedding gowns. Don’t know the rationale behind luxurious fabrics and designer style on a mattress when you are just going to cover it with sheets, but with a twenty year old mattress on my bed, I am not driving the sleep market.

Vera Wang Latex Mattresses

The pure Talalay latex bed offers even more pressure relief than memory foam and is about four times more breathable. Memory foam used to be the words on everyone’s lips when discussing the most comfortable mattresses but latex is quickly becoming a forerunner, as more people discover its benefits.

Latex is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so is a good solution if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Memory foam is also good for this and it tends to only be conventional spring beds that attract dust mites.

The latest model of Vera Wang is Serta Vera Wang Latex. This kind of Vera Wang Mattress has, 100% latex for comfort, durability, and pressure relief, 8 inch Dunlop core that is the world’s thickest single piece core, and Hypoallergenic and anti microbial material. It gives advantages for Vera Wang Mattress.

It is all about the review of Vera Wang Mattress. You can buy this at many stores around your home. Of course, for your comfort of sleeping, Vera Wang Mattress is the most appropriate

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