Stearns and Foster Mattress Review

Stearns and Foster Mattress Review

The Stearns and Foster mattress has been in business for over 165 years, and the company strives for constant improvement and innovation in their products. For over a century and a half, the company is famous for providing luxurious and comfortable mattresses to its customers.

As early as 1846, in Cincinnati, Ohio, founders Stearns and Foster started developing durable cotton batting in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that turned out to be ideal for mattresses. From there, the partners started developing a luxurious line of mattresses and the tradition lives on to this day.

A support coil innerspring system that is unique to Stearns and Foster mattresses provides great support to its users. It also helps align your body for a more restful sleep. The brand’s product line is also non-allergenic and anti-microbial.

By conforming to the contours of your head, neck, and spine, the latex core inside the mattress relieves your body’s pressure points. The entire line of Stearns and Foster mattresses feature a pinhole design, creating a ventilation system that adjusts to your body’s size and contour.

What are Consumers Saying About Stearns and Foster?

As far as reviews are concerned, consumers are saying that the product offers maximum comfort for a good night’s rest.

In general, consumers reported that the Shelderton Plush was one of the most comfortable mattress designs by Stearns and Foster. It’s a stylish mattress, offering plenty of room for users to move around. The Tinsdale mattress also received positive feedback from consumers regarding comfort and support.

On the down side, however, consumers said the Silver Dream mattress isn’t as comfortable and durable as the other designs.

As you might expect, the comfort and style of a luxury Stearns and Foster mattress comes with a high price tag. The least expensive model (or queen mattress) is priced at $1300, while the most expensive line, Golden Elegance will run you about $4,000. With such a high price tag, you would expect the mattress to last for years to come. However, several customers complain of sagging, which can lead to morning stiffness.

Despite a few negative reviews, there are still several Stearns and Foster customers that have been using the same Stearns and Foster mattress for years without any sagging problems.

Fortunately, the Stearns and Foster mattresses come equipped with a ten-year warranty, so if the mattress develops a sag over time, don’t hesitate to take it back to the retailer. The only proviso is that you should check with the retailer beforehand to make sure the mattress is backed with a warranty. You should also read the warranty’s fine print before you make any major decisions.

Overall, Stearns and Foster mattresses live up to the expectations of its valued clients. If the mattress develops stains or tears, however, chances are you won’t be able to take it back. As a result, you should purchase a waterproof mattress protector just to be on the safe side.

The overall design and craftsmanship of the mattress is great, giving it a high-end look and appeal. The entire line of Stearns and Foster mattresses have a high than average rating, with bonus points for its great design.

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