Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress review

Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress review

Contour Signature Sleep Mattress is a mattress that is pretty much attention in recent times. The low price combined with the outstanding characteristics, the mattress is gradually becoming popular in the market. Despite its quality can not compare to the kind of expensive mattresses, but with the new design, it will give you an experience of a Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress generation.

Reducing the pressure on the body

One notable point of this mattress is the ability to reduce the pressure on your body. You will feel comfortable to lie on the mattress without being offensive when the body you have to meet the plane as normal mattresses. The individually wrapped coils in the mattress which turns its shape according to your body. Each coil will be compressed according to your body. The heavy parts will sink deep. The light parts will sink less. It helps to reduce the pressure from the plane of the mattress to the parts such as the hips, shoulders, back. Because of this possibility, mattress works great for people with spinal diseases or soft injuries.

Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress

Minimize movement disorders

With composing of individually wrapped coils, the mattress is capable of minimizing movement disorders on its surface. When you move, the mattress will only subside at the coils that have gravitational effects on your body. The remaining coils will not be affect. Therefore, the position that the mattress is no effect of weight will remain in place. So when you are sleeping, whether your partner moves, you also will not be affected by them.


  • Polyester-cotton jacquard cover: very soft, providing a comfortable surface, which gives you better sleep.
  • 12 ILD foam padding in quilted: providing softness and increasing comfort to the surface of the mattress.
  • High-density foam layering: help you get an optimal comfort, supporting your body in the best way.
  • Independently coil springs: distributing weight on your body, releasing the pressure on the more weighing central parts.
  • Fire-retardant barrier: 16 CFR 1633 standards for safety and non-toxic.


  • Able to uniform distribution of your body weight, reducing pressure on the point of concentrate gravity as the neck, back, shoulders, hips.
  • Can change its shape according to your body, creating maximum comfort while you rest.
  • Minimizing disruption of movement on the mattress, helping you not be affected by the movement from others.
  • Ability to compress makes transportation easier. The mattress will restore its inherently correct shape after unpacking 48 hours.


Overall, this mattress is quite suitable for many groups of customers. The product is quite cheap and quality. If you want to rapidly own a modern and reasonable price mattress, I think this cheap queen mattress will match your requires.


  • The price is very cheap.
  • Reducing the pressure on the body, creating comfort while resting.
  • Minimizing the movement disorder.
  • Durability is quite high.
  • Can be compressed and transported easily.


  • The warranty period is very short, 1 year.
  • Exhaust gas when opened.

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