Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib Mattress

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib Mattress

As parents, we should be aware that our children are born into a world that is very different from the one we enjoyed when we were children. Besides the increasingly fast pace of modern life, there is also the fact that our environment and food supply at present is full of all kinds of man-made chemicals that can be quite toxic for growing bodies. That is why we should always do our best to make safer choices for our babies, like the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib Mattress.

Your baby will spend quite a lot of his time in his crib, so it follows that anything you put inside the crib should be as safe for him as possible. This means purchasing the right type of crib and crib mattress. There are a lot of crib mattresses on the market, and you’ll be faced with variants filled with foam, coils, or organic material. The amount of information on these various mattresses and the number of options can be a bit overwhelming, so this review was created to help you decide whether the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 crib mattress is the one for your family.

Organic vs Ordinary

Organic crib mattresses in general cost a bit more than their ordinary foam and foil counterparts, so from the very beginning, you will want to make up your mind regarding organic versus ordinary mattresses. Why go organic in the first place?

The fuss about crib mattresses originates in recent findings that have identified the phthalates in ordinary polyurethane mattresses as a health risk for babies. Foam mattresses have to be treated with fire retardant chemicals, and these chemicals can prove toxic to a baby’s developing body, even when we can’t really detect them. The prospect of chemical out-gassing has led many parents to seek safer alternatives for their children.

A lot of crib manufacturers have made an effort to modify their products in order to meet new safety standards. This has led to a variety of natural and organic crib mattresses appearing on the market, and other products that are certified to be created with “eco-friendly” foam. Some parents feel that the eco-friendly certification is enough, while others do not feel at ease with anything less than a hundred-percent organic product.

If you go with this Naturepedic crib mattress, you will be getting an item made with 100% organic cotton that’s grown in the USA. So not only is it safe for your baby, it is also locally-made and created using a renewable resource.


Out of all the materials used to make organic crib mattresses, including coconut fibre and wool, cotton is considered the least expensive and also very ideal for any baby product due to its softness. But while cotton is an ideal material for a crib mattress, practicality dictates that to give your baby a healthy sleeping environment, you’ll also have to keep him nice and dry.

An all-cotton mattress would undoubtedly soak up spills and body fluids like saliva, sweat, and urine which would make it a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. That’s why the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton crib mattress also comes with a food-grade polyethylene waterproof surface cover. While this is a synthetic material, its considered safe enough for use in a child’s crib. With this mattress, you eliminate harmful chemicals while keeping baby’s mattress nice and dry. The prospect of a quick cleanup is great for parents too – after all, few of us have the time or space to air a crib mattress or sun-dry it the way our parents did in the past. However, some parents report that the polyethylene material makes a crinkling or crunching sound that can wake a child who’s a light sleeper. If anything does get into the core however, you might find that this cotton coil mattress is less breathable than many ventilated foam models out there.

Firmness and support

When it comes to crib mattresses, firmness and support are essential. A crib mattress should be firm in order to provide adequate support to your child’s growing body. Furthermore, health professionals recommend putting a baby to sleep on a firm mattress to keep the risk of SIDS to a minimum. For most parents, a good crib mattress is one that’s firm enough to be safe yet soft enough to provide comfort. When it comes to coil mattresses, nothing less than a 150 coil count is ideal, and this crib mattress has that covered. It also comes with heavy duty border rods to provide side and edge support.

The Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton mattress receives mixed reviews when it comes to firmness, although a majority of users seem to be pretty satisfied with it. Some parents who have used the mattress say that it tends to puff up in the middle, creating sloping sides that can make a baby roll to the side of the crib instead of staying in the centre. Others report issues with regard to this mattress’s ability to retain its shape over time.


parents who purchased this mattress for toddlers or older babies seem to be very satisfied with regard to comfort. It is reasonable to suppose that a slightly puffier middle would be less of an issue with older babies who weigh more. If you are set on buying this mattress, then a firm mattress protector could create a more even surface.

At $259, this crib mattress is actually a pretty affordable choice if you’re going organic. Other mattresses made from natural or organic materials can cost you up to double this price. This item seems to be satisfactory overall, although there are a few minor issues with it. Overall, a mattress will put you at ease because it is made of non-toxic, natural, and healthy materials. It is also only a bit more expensive than a synthetic foam mattress, so the benefits of going organic might make it worthwhile for you to pay a few dollars extra.

Product Description

The Naturepedic No-Compromise? Organic Cotton Classic is simply the healthiest crib mattress available. It is waterproof, firm and eliminates potentially harmful chemicals from your child?s crib. It will provide your child with a more natural, healthy and comfortable sleep environment. Easy-to-clean 100% Polyethylene food grade waterproof surface. Made with organic cotton promotes a healthy and more chemical-free sleeping environment. Heavy-duty orthopedic innerspring and firm flat surface provide ideal support. Includes 150 coils. 28″ X 52″ x 6″. Crib size also fits toddler beds.


  • Waterproof surface easy to clean 100% polyethylene food grade waterproof surface
  • 100% organic cotton, natural and renewable
  • Hypoallergenic / dust mite barrier cover
  • Heavy-duty border rods add strong side and edge support
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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