Master Sleep Memory Foam 10-Inch Mattress Review


The key to a good night’s sleep is usually a high quality and comfortable mattress. There are a number of inexpensive mattresses that are available in the market especially if a customer is looking for a cheap memory foam mattress. Memory foam is basically a polyurethane based material that has chemicals added to it to increase its overall density and viscosity. When the memory foam comes in contact with one’s body heat and softens in response to the heat. As it softens, it tends to mold to the user’s body heat within a few minutes and this feature ensures that the user experiences great comfort levels and a good night’s sleep. When the weight of the user is removed from the memory foam mattress, it tends to regain its original shape and form quite fast.

When trying to identify a suitable cheap mattress, it is important for the buyer to identify an inexpensive option and not compromise on the quality of the mattress itself. It is important for a buyer looking for a cheap mattress to identify various deals available on the market and particularly where to buy the mattress at a discount in order to get value for the money.

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable as it adjusts to the user’s body shape and form due to the memory foam layers unique abilities.
  • Delivered in a convenient, boxed package and it is very easy to unpack.
  • Memory foam eliminates motion disturbance thus ensuring users independent movements do not interfere with their partners sleep.
  • Fits most standard beds perfectly.


  • Produce an odd smell when first used.
  • Not advisable for use with infants due to association with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • The mattress traps heat and makes sleep quite uncomfortable.

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Special Features

Three Unique Foam Layers

The Master Sleep Memory Foam 10-inch mattress has three layers which include:

  • Memory Foam layer that is 3 inches thick that softens on contact with the users body heat and conforms to the users body contours and thus ensures a comfortable, sleeping experience.
  • A 2-inch thick pressure relieving comfort foam layer which reduces pressure on shoulder, hip, neck and back joints.
  • A 5-inch high-density base support foam layer that confers stability and durability.

Innovative Biofoam Additives

The Master Sleep Memory foam mattress has a revolutionary biofoam additive based on natural plant-based oil that ensures that the mattress remains fresh throughout its use. Traditionally, memory foam mattresses have petroleum based fresheners and the biofoam incorporated into the Master Sleep mattress is in keeping with the latest evolution in memory foam mattress design.

General Features

Efficient Packaging

The patented Master Sleep packaging compression design technology ensures that the mattress is efficiently rolled and compressed in order to ensure that the mattress is efficiently shipped. The mattress is packed in a shipping box and shipped in a practical and convenient way to the client’s doorstep using FedEx or UPS delivery companies.

On delivery, the mattress should be unpacked and given at least 48 hours to regain its original shape, form and size. Highest Foam Quality and Certification

The foam material integrated into the Master Sleep Memory Foam mattress has been certified by Centipur-US Certified and this certification guarantees performance, content and durability.

Product Specifications and Dimensions

The Master Sleep Memory Foam 10-inch mattress has overall dimensions of 80 X 60 X 10 inches (L X W X H). The mattress has a weight of 64 pounds.


The structural basis of the Master Sleep Memory Foam mattress is a memory foam material that is an integral part of the mattress structure. The mattress has 3 layers which include a memory foam layer which, on contact with the user’s heat, softens and conforms to the user’s contours and curves to enhance the sleep experience. It also has a pressure relieving layer that eases pressure on key joints of the body. The base comprises a high-density base support base layer.

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In closing, when a customer is looking to identify and purchase a cheap memory foam mattress, it is important to check the top mattress available for sale with the best features and compare them to customer reviews that are widely available on internet forums. The Master Sleep Memory Foam mattress is a high quality and relatively cheap mattress. It has memory foam material that conforms to the user’s body heat and regains its original shape and form. This ensures that the mattress is very comfortable and the user enjoys a good night’s sleep. Its price tag is relatively cost effective and the Master Sleep Memory foam mattress is a great option available for customers looking for a cheap memory foam mattress. It is a good bargain and great value for the money spent on it.

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