Cheap mattresses: Advantages and disadvantages

There are hundreds of mattress brands to choose from, from very inexpensive to shockingly expensive. Is the price an indication of performance or are be better off choosing from one of the cheap mattresses. Maybe we should we go for a mid-range one, or should we buy a high range one, because that is where the best performance lies. We would try to clear some of this confusion. Mattresses, all sort of sizes, shapes, firmness ad materials. Let us try to help you in choosing the best mattr ess for your buck. 

Let's look at some of the advantages of the cheap mattresses.

Advantages of buying cheap mattresses

The very first advantages of course price. But cheap mattress may be one fifth of the price of an expensive one or more. At this price even if you don't end up getting the best of experience, you can always simply discarded and buys a new one. Mattresses tend to have a long life, your purpose of buying a mattress and may not always remain the same, you may want to shift or go in for a different size bed. In all these cases you might end up discarding old mattress.

We have got some many options to choose from at the low end of the market. There are many more options to choose from at the lower end of the market than at the higher end of the market. This gives you a lot of choices. Due to fierce competition for the lower end of market almost every company has a model for that range. You're spoilt for choices and most often than not will get one which suits your purpose very well.

You are not paying for advertising or a celebrity. Most of the big brands spend a fortune on marketing and promotional activities, God forbid if a celebrity endorses a brand that could more than double the base price. When you buy a cheap mattress you're paying for the mattress which you yourself use and not paying for the celebrity to buy a much bigger house. On some of the premium mattresses the markup is whooping 1500% or more. You're too decided on your own whether a celebrity endorsement is really what the pie that you're paying for the mattress. We can also bet you that your favourite celebrity is most probably not using that brand.

A very good place to get cheap mattresses from is the Internet. There is a major difference in the same mattress sold online versus a shop. There are so many overheads to a physical store and all these overheads lead to a markup on the price of the mattress. Online shopping is also much faster and presents you with a lot more options in the given time frame. With most of the online shops offering a full refund within a given period it makes much more sense to go in for a mattress from an online store rather than a physical store.

The last advantage of buying one of the cheap mattresses is that you are not bound to a particular time of the year or a particular sale. Admittedly you do get a good bargain on expensive mattresses in off-season or in sales, with the cheaper variety you don't have to wait for that particular season.

Disadvantages of buying cheap mattresses

The most common disadvantage in buying the cheap mattresses is that you are stuck with a company which doesn't support you enough, there may be no return at times, and the customer service will most probably be not friendly. 

Sometimes the cheap mattresses use cheap material that may be uncomfortable, may not last long or in the worst cases may actually cause allergies and other reactions. Though this is not the case with most of the big brands. While buying a mattress it is always advisable to discuss with the seller what kind of material is used in the construction of these mattress.

Third and the most common disadvantage is a subjective one. It is a general observation that the cheap mattresses don't last as long as the expensive ones. Changing our mattress every few years is a headache since your body gets accustomed to a certain mattress over a period of time. Buy cheap mattress which is a substantial warranty to protect against this.

If you are a sensible buyer you will be able to buy a good mattress and a very decent price.

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